Some Thoughts About George

George Conway (Mr. Kelly Anne Conway) spends a lot of time trolling Trump on Twitter, and mostly I agree with the sentiments he expresses.

Here’s the problem, though:

In all other respects, Conway is an arch conservative who supported Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and generally walks in lock step with all things McConnell.

He just hates Donald Trump. Not his policies, necessarily…he hates the man.

And while there may be plenty to dislike, one has to wonder whether this normally media-shy man is truly bothered by what he perceives to be the fundamental unfitness of our current commander in chief or whether it had more to do with the fact that said commander in chief happens to be his wife’s boss…or that his wife appears to be one of the few people who has any influence over him?

Which, if you were an unremarkable-looking, camera shy, wonkish, kinda nerdy attorney, and your wife was a sassy, powerful woman who some might find attractive and who clearly doesn’t need YOU to pay the bills, might feel kind of threatening.

Especially if your wife seemed to genuinely like and believe in her boss who, many are saying, is kind of rapey and handsy and gross.

So one has to wonder how much George would have to say about Trump if his wife didn’t work for him, which then suggests that George’s tweets calling into question Trump’s mental health may have more to do with jealousy and male ego than a genuine concern about whether Donald Trump is or is not the worst thing that has ever happened to our country.

Which is pretty backward, George, because while she’s a good soldier, your wife isn’t sleeping with her boss, and you need to get over the fact that while some may find her role as Chief Apologist maddening and absurd, others think she’s all that and love her spunk. Which may also have something to do with why you’re so angry.

Here’s my point: If your hatred of Trump is based upon solid conservative principals and an insistence that leadership be ethical and in furtherance of solid conservative principles, then you need to be tweeting at a lot of other people, too.

If, instead, you’re angry that your wife is on a big stage getting lots of (platonic) love from a dwindling base and a big, sloppy orangutan, you need to do the following:

  1. Put down your phone and stop tweeting;
  2. Walk to the closest mirror, look into it, and slap yourself; and
  3. Talk to your wife, and work it out, because this one-sides marital spat is unseemly and makes us feel very uncomfortable.

Bottom Line: Trump is not the problem (well, he is for many, but he’s not YOUR problem). Your problem is with your wife (and it’s your problem, not hers). Go to the gym, lose some weight, take up knitting or maybe fencing or the bagpipes. It’ll make everyone feel better.

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