Deep Dive Into Sexual Assault(Or, Why I’m Still Pissed Off At Gender Traitor Susan Collins)

Brett Kavanaugh is back in the news – a deeper (way too late) investigation by the NYT as to allegations by fellow Eli Deborah Ramirez that the now SCOTUS Justice wagged his penis in her face.

Which is gross. If it happened. #probablydid

Did he? Who knows. #hedoes #maybenot #wholelottabeer

I’m so weary of allegations reported too late to make a difference, even as I understand exactly why the victims were too afraid of potential repercussions to come forward. #metoo

Because who knows who will someday be nominated to serve on the nation’s Supreme Court?

Who knows how important it may later be that someone entrusted to interpret the Constitution views half the population as chattel existing solely to wash one’s socks and administer blow jobs?

Who knows how badly a woman’s character and credibility will be destroyed before her allegations are ultimately discounted as lies, even though she has a doctorate in neuroscience? #badly

Who knows the political climate that may then exist, or the appetite of the 1% to vigorously insist that potential jurists not be the subject of myriad allegations of sexual assault?

Who knows how powerful the Fundamentalist “Christian” movement will become? Who can imagine the depths to which they will sink in an effort to bolster the “pro-life” agenda?

For centuries, the idea that women were less than men was accepted as fact.

Which is why raping women wasn’t such a big deal. Ever. And still isn’t.

And why it’s okay to take your tiny little privileged pee pee out and shake it in the face of a woman in order to impress upon her – if 18 years in this society had not already imprinted on her brain – that women exist solely to tend to your needs and satisfy you sexually.

May we someday be a culture that does not tolerate sexual assault, of any person.

May we someday be a culture that believes allegations of sexual assault, by any person.

May we someday have a government that reflects the realty of its citizenry.

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