It’s My Christianity, and You Can’t Have Any

So, this football player, Demar Hamilton, got really banged up during a game and had to be taken off the field in an ambulance, and people were praying that he would be okay, because he coded, like, seventeen times (that’s not true, but it was a grave situation), and although Demar ended up being okay, and was gracious in his recovery in thanking all the right people (but unfortunately, wore a jacket to the Super Bowl a few weeks later that stirred up controversy, although I can’t recall why), and although the whole incident brought much-deserved attention to the often-overlooked heroism of EMT workers, you just KNEW some Bible-thumper was going to have to get her pussy all wet over something.

In this case, it was Laura Baker-Cain Wright, who posted a photograph of Tim Tebow, formerly of college football and well-know for praying a lot. I don’t really know anything else about him except that he prays a lot and didn’t do much in the NFL except pray.  As for what he’s doing now (except for, presumably, praying), who knows.  Anyway, Ms. Baker-Cain, who is more saved and loved by God than you, said this:

Now that Demar Hamlin is breathing on his own and talking to his family and doctors, I’m going to finally say what’s been on my mind….

ESPN, NFL and the Sportswriters owe Tim Tebow an apology.  Don’t shun and mock Tebow for kneeling to pray, and then find yourself or one of your own in a crisis and it suddenly become acceptable.  Suddenly God and prayer is allowed in your arena? 

Rev 3:16 “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue [?] thee out of my mouth.”

Be for Him or against Him.  You can’t pick and choose when you want God in your life.  I appreciate Tim Tebow for always being a Christian man and leading with love and Christ in the forefront of everything he does.  I am thankful Hamlin is alive and maybe this scary situation led others to find prayer and Christ.  Accept faith and prayer and don’t ridicule those who do it.

Well, I have to say, Laura Baker-Cain, your post is among the stupidest, and most mean-spirited things I have ever read.

First, I’m not familiar with the comments ESPN, the NFL, or the unnamed “Sportswriters” made about Tim Tebow praying before, during or after a game (although I am very well-acquainted with what was said about NFL players who took a knee to protest institutionalized racism – are they owed an apology?) As I recall, if anyone had a problem with Tebow, it was that he wasn’t a very good player – at least, not good enough for the NFL.

More to the point, this post seems to drag out that old Fox News trope that there is some kind of war on Christianity in this country, but let’s face it: When 64% of the population of the US identify as practicing Christians, when every president of our country has been a Christian, and when 88% of the new Congress is Christian, when 92% of the Supreme Court Justices since its inception have been Christian; well, it’s hard to say you live in a country where the people who make the rules have a problem with Christianity.

I also have to ask if the point of this post is to argue that if you aren’t a devout Christian, you don’t get to share in any expression of gratitude that Demar Hamlin isn’t dead, or any offering of hope – religious or not – that he continues to get better? Is it now the rule that if your aren’t a church-going Christian, you don’t get to care about what happens when an NFL player gets hurt on the field? That’s messed up.

I am not a perfect person, and I am not a religious person, and I get pretty tired of people who aren’t Jesus telling me what he does and does not approve of.

For one, it’s pretty presumptuous for those people to assume I care. For another, if I want to know what Jesus wants me to, I’ll pick up the Gospel and read it for myself. You know. Like an educated person.

And since I’ve read it before, I can tell you one thing it DOESN’T say, which is, “If thou hast mocked Tim Tebow for his prayer (assuming for the moment that Tim Tebow prayeth not like a Pharisee but with a servant’s humility), then thou shouldst not then pray for Demar Hamlin lest ye contract a nasty genital rash.”

This post is further idiotic in that the only person to whom it could ever appropriately apply would be Demar Hamlin himself, IF he had mocked Tim Tebow, and IF he then appeared on television yesterday to pray for himself – which he didn’t. Also, that would be HARSH, dude.

Also, I doubt there is anyone out there aside from Hamlin’s family who considered his cardiac arrest and hospitalization a personal crisis (unless it’s a gambling addict that bet his mortgage on the game), so, once again, to whom is this post even directed?

Oh, right. People like me. People who don’t go to church. People who don’t pray and fall into line like good church-going Christians. People who lack the certitude of their rightness – about Jesus, about God, about sin, and about who is most definitely going straight to hell, with no bathroom breaks.

In addition to pointing out that this is most certainly NOT the first time prayer has been allowed in an NFL arena, I’d like to ask that the woman who wrote this post show the same respect for people who aren’t religious as she reserves for those who are. I have no complaint with those who wish to worship – but I don’t want to be forced to do it with you, or else be condemned as “bad” because I don’t.

Finally, a true Christian who rejoices in the love of God and all mankind and should delight in ANY opportunity to reach new souls. This woman should be thrilled out of her mind at the idea that prayer of any kind – even a moment of silence – is being televised!

But is she? NO! And damn you if you come to Jesus in a CRISIS – which is exactly the time many people do. According to Ms. Baker-Cain, Jesus doesn’t want you then! He only wants you if you’ve been coming to church every week, not just on Christmas and Easter, and god help you if you don’t use your envelopes! Jesus only wants the non-sinners, and don’t you forget it when you are on your knees with nothing left to hold on to, sitting in the hotel room holding Gideon’s Bible and a gun and trying to decide which one you’re going to put into your brain. That’s Jesus for you.

Instead of clutching Jesus and God to her chest like a bag of candy no one else gets to have (because they’re not worthy!) the writer should be rejoicing at the chance for millions of Americans to experience the potential to feel God’s great healing presence and love for his people, as manifested in the goodwill demonstrated by so many that expressed their concern for Demar yesterday. That concern was truly the best of us – call it Christ, or karma, or whatever – in action.

Anytime someone uses religion as a way to keep people out, one has to ask oneself – is this what my spiritual higher power teaches me?

I don’t believe Jesus asks us to exclude people because of their past deeds. I mean, Mary Magdalene already.

Laura Baker-Cain Wright, may you be filled with the joy of Jesus’ love for his people, and moved to tears with gratitude for the life He has given you. Go out and be nice to people. Buy someone a coffee. Be kind. Life is hard enough.



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