Homeland, the Series, in a Nutshell

Carrie: There’s a national emergency! I have to save everyone!

Everyone Else: You’re wrong. And you have bipolar disorder. We’re putting you in a mental hospital.

Carrie: People will die!

Everyone Else: Oh, you’re crazy!

[National Emergency happens]

Saul: Carrie, we know you’re not stable, but you’re the only person who can save the country. We know you’re the only person who can figure this out, so please go do that. Oh, and we don’t care about your mental health or how this may seriously mess you up.

Carrie: Okay! I love my country. Let me at ‘em!

[National Emergency 90% figured out by Carrie. White men continue to doubt her].

Saul: Carrie, you’re mentally ill! We are sending you back to the mental hospital!

Carrie: No! People will die!

[People die]

[Carrie finds a way to escape and fix everything]

Saul: Carrie! You’re the best. We’re going to give you whatever position in the CIA you want.

Carrie: No. I have a daughter and I need to lead a normal life.


Carrie: Aw, c’mon Saul. They killed Brody. They killed Quinn. MY SISTER STOLE MY KID!

Saul: Carrie –

Carrie: On it!

Everyone Else: She’s crazy!

Carrie: Taliban, stopped. Plot to assassinate high ranking public officials thwarted. Russian spy returned to US to stand trial…oh, you want to turn me over to the KGB for a year without my meds? Uh…okay.

Saul: I guess I could try to get her out.

Everyone Else: Oh, she’s crazy!

Carrie: [Sitting in Russian prison rotting] This seems fair.

Saul: Hey, psychiatric staff of professionals, I know she’s only 3 weeks out of a Russian jail where she was TORTURED and KEPT OFF HER MEDS, but we need her in Kabul, like, yesterday.

Psychiatric Professionals: Probabl not the best idea.

Saul: Too bad.

[Three Weeks Later]

Saul: Carrie, the president is dead and it’s because you’re a Russian spy. I’m sending you back to the mental hospital.

Carrie: You know, this is getting old. Saul, you’re a dick. I’m going to Russia.

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