Wouldn’t Want to Make You Uncomfortable

Someone recently told me that they don’t like to talk or think about politics because it makes them uncomfortable.

How nice it must be to live a life so privileged that politics plays no role in one’s day to day existence.

You know what that means.

And when we are privileged, we often don’t realize that others aren’t. We may even be such assholes that we deny that such privilege even exists.

Not having to think about politics, or who gets elected, or how one’s life will be impacted thereby, means being so insulated from poverty, oppression, inequality, and violence as to be virtually living in a pretty little dollhouse, or an ivory tower, protected from the reality of what so many souls on the planet daily cannot escape, and so, have to endure.

One of the greatest blessings of my life has been the gift of a child with disabilities, and a child who is bisexual, because these young women do face prejudice, inequality, and oppression, and as their mother, that means I’ve had a front row seat to what it looks like when you’re not a typically-abled, straight, white, Christian male.

Which in turn means that unless I am an asshole, I don’t get to sit back and wallow in my enormous privilege, and I am forced to acknowledge the unfairness that other oppressed populations suffer.

And I can be a total asshole, believe me, but not because I’m too precious to sully myself by expressing opinions and taking positions that – Mary, Mother of God, pray for me – SOMETIMES MAKE PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE.

But I sort of think maybe some people could stand to be a little uncomfortable, and I’m not gonna stop, so consider yourselves warned.

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