Tales from the Polling Booth

So here’s a story from my polling station…whilst filling out my super cool paper ballot (what’s up with that???) I could not help but overhear the election officials discussing how disgusting it is that parents allow their transgendered children to express their true selves (“They’re kids!! They don’t know what they are!!!) followed by a take down of Elizabeth Warren for defending the rights of those seeking asylum in our country (“Can you believe it? They’re ALL criminals!”)

I was so astonished I almost voted for a Republican for dog catcher, and as anyone with a brain knows, the only candidate this year is Boone.

Once I finished filling out my ballot, I walked up to the group and said, “You guys are election officials, right?”

They nodded.

I said, “I think it is inappropriate…SO INAPPROPRIATE…that you are standing here talking politics AT THE POLLING PLACE.”


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