It’s National Daughters Day!

I freaking HATE fake National (Insert Something Here) Days, because it’s ridiculous and disingenuous and self-serving.

If you are lucky enough to have a child of either gender, consider yourself blessed. You don’t need to be celebrated. You already were. #morningprincess

If you want to celebrate your daughters, how about you work to reduce the incidence of rape of college campuses, or to increase reproductive health options, or to demand universal paid maternity leave and preschool and health care? That seems like something worth celebrating.

Oh, wait… I get it…It’s not really about celebrating our daughters, or the issues that face them.

It’s about posting cute photos on FB so everyone you went to high school with knows you have a daughter.

That’s nice. It’s sort of like Yankee Candles or Thomas Kinkeade prints. #goodtimes

If you want to celebrate daughters, make sure they inherit a world in which men don’t grope them with impunity and where they make the same pay as their male colleagues.

I have daughters. I love them. They’re lovely, and potty-trained.

And so, in honor of (drum roll, please) “National Daughter Day!” (Barf vomit watery diarrhea), this is my post.

#mydaughtersknowwhattheymeantome #stupidfakeholidays #preciousme #godosomethingrighteous

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