GOP Lapdogs

I continue to be utterly flummoxed and nonplussed by the GOP members of Congress who, apparently, are more concerned about losing the next election than about the implications of their blind loyalty to the president and the legacy they have memorialized on social media and elsewhere.

The “process” argument that appears to be the sole talking point of GOP Congressional members is a flimsy, easily discredited “defense,” and when that argument is shown to be severely flawed (process in place was enacted by the GOP, lots of precedent for closed-door depositions, GOP members present and actively participating in same), they…and I still can’t even believe this…attack the patriotism and integrity of decorated military officers and career diplomats with no demonstrated political ideology. It doesn’t get much more craven and desperate than that.

Many of these members have done good work during their years of public service and have much to be proud of, but in 30 years, they will be remembered only for their unconditional support of a president whom history will recognize as the most corrupt, incompetent, and dishonest person ever to hold the title of commander in Chief.

To those who would apparently follow this president anywhere, no matter what he says or does, no questions asked, please ask yourself whether this is the person for whom you are willing to sacrifice your legacy. And if the answer is, “yes,” well, in the immortal words of the knight in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “[you] chose…poorly.”

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