COVID 19 Diary – 4/28/20

Doctors and scientists aren’t sure it’s a good idea for everyone to be getting back out there, going to restaurants, breathing on each other in the movies, and exposing salespeople and waitstaff to our nasty germs.

Lots of people who aren’t doctors and scientists say it’s fine.

One of them – a leader of the “Reopen North Carolina” movement, Audrey Whitlock – has tested positive for COVID 19. Can’t imagine how she got it.

Many are anxious to reopen the economy so that things can get back to normal, the stock market can start booming again, and everyone can get a haircut, but those pesky epidemiologists suggest that a premature re-entry could unleash a second wave of contagion.

I like my personal freedom as much as the next middle-aged lady growing out her gray hair, but I also like not dying, so I think I am going to listen to the people with advanced degrees, and not people who go to protests carrying signs that say “Live free or die” (or maybe both); “Freedom Trumps Safety” (which is why we let toddlers run into the street); and “Quarantine the Sick, not the Healthy” (great idea…now you tell me who’s sick and who’s not, please); and “Flatten the curve, not the Economy” (translation: “we should stay home, but we shouldn’t have to stay home”).

Anyway, the two major health networks in my home town both say I should stay home, and since staying home is more likely to keep me from dying than not staying home (so long as I avoid mainlining Windex, that is), I think I’ll stay home.

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