COVID 19 Diary – 4/13/2020

So now our president is retweeting posts with the hashtag #FireFauci.

Because the good doctor admitted that a swifter and more vigorous response by our country to COVID 19 might have saved lives.

It may or may not be true, but before we look objectively at the evidence to determine whether or not it is, by all means, let’s fire Dr. Fauci.

If it IS true, call it FAKE NEWS in the hope that when the moron in chief shows his supporters some rhinoceros poop, they’ll believe it’s actually a baby chick.

For those who are okay with a chief executive taking no responsibility for the actions of his organization, regardless of the issue, ever ever ever, times infinity…they sure picked a dandy.

They expect pretty much everyone else in the entire universe to be held accountable for their screw-ups…we ALL do…but not this guy, the one who is gonna make them rich and magically turn their wives into Slovenian supermodels. Hasn’t happened yet, but hey, there’s still time.

And if he keeps screaming, “FAKE NEWS!!!” and firing the people who speak up and say, “you’re not telling the truth,” or, “there’s more to the story,” or, “ let’s see what science has to say,” well, then rhinoceros poop turns into little baby chicks and no one has to use their brain and think for themselves.

Sometimes you need some rhinoceros poop, people.

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