COVID 19 Diary – 4/11/20

Ted Cruz recently referred to the Democratic Governor of Kentucky (and Dems who support him), who has threatened to record the license plates of those violating the state’s “stay at home” order to attend Easter Sunday services, as a Nazi who opposes Religious freedom.

As if that’s what the “stay at home” edict, and efforts to enforce it, is intended to do – to keep people from worshiping. Is there a church out there that hasn’t figured out how to live-stream its services?

No, there isn’t. It’s not about freedom of religion, or freedom of assembly, it’s about avoiding large gatherings of people, some of whom may be sick and don’t know it.

Which Cruz, who voluntarily self-quarantined after a possible exposure, knows full well.

But there are those who say, “it’s my right to worship at my church. God will protect me. If I get sick, what’s it to you?”

Well, it may be your right to worship, but what about the rights of the people you’re taking to that church who have no choice in the matter, like your kids?

And it may be your choice to worship, but what about your responsibility to your fellow man not to infect them, which you might, if you’re sick and don’t know it?

And that thing about God protecting you? Well, I guess you don’t ever need to go to the doctor, or wear a seatbelt, or buy a fire extinguisher, or wear a life jacket, ever again.

And what’s it to anyone else if you get sick? Well, it’s the well-being of a health care worker. A bed in an ICU. A ventilator that someone else might need.

So, if you must go to church on Easter Sunday – and the only reason I can think that watching from home isn’t good enough for your pastor is that if you’re home, his collection plate may not be as full as it would be if his flock is in the building and he can berate them into digging deep so he can pay for his private jet and mansion and limo – then promise me this:

When you get sick, you’ll demonstrate the same faith in God’s ability to heal you without need for attention from the medical professionals who told you to stay home in the first place.

And Ted? Try to imagine that the Governor of Kentucky may actually have the welfare of his people – including those on the front lines, in hospitals, who are caring for the sick – in mind. Comparing him to a regime that slaughtered 12 million in the name of racial purity is in such poor taste, even coming from the likes of you.

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