COVID 19 Diary – 2/26/2020

Coronavirus…you can grab her by the pussy, fire her, call her names on Twitter, try to pay her off, refuse to give her aid until she investigates Hunter Biden, ask the Russians for help beating her (well, actually, that might work), blame the Obama Administration, appoint anti-abortion judges, hide your taxes, make fun of her disabled friends, grope her, stick your tongue down her throat (yeah…that would be okay)…but you still aren’t gonna get rid of her, Donald.

Yes, you survived Pussygate. You survived Charlottesville. You survived Trump University and stealing from a kid’s cancer charity and calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers.

You got Kavanaugh through. You survived 60,000 lies in 3 1/2 years, publicly articulating your belief and trust in Vladimir Putin over your own national security agencies, ignoring the devastation of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and the indictments/guilty pleas/convictions of 5 key aides who assisted in your campaign.

You survived pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Paris Accords, and shoving world leaders out of your way (or merely openly insulting them).

You survived a revolving door White House with personnel leaving before they could even unpack their family photo and favorite coffee mug, and you survived every single one of them calling you an idiot, a small-minded moron, and a toddler with the attention span of a gnat after they walked out or learned they had been fired via Twitter.

You survived all those tweets, rife with misspellings, grammatical errors, and an utter dearth of the fundamentals of world geography, all of which daily proved your stupidity. You survived children in cages on the border, musings about wishing you could be a dictator like Kim Jong Un, multiple allegations of rape, and an impeachment that everyone in the entire universe knows was based on wildly inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.

But you know, Donald, I’m not sure your gonna survive coronavirus, because you fired the very people who could have helped. You cut the CDC and NIH budgets, and the country is not prepared to deal with what most scientists are predicting could be a very serious pandemic that will reach our shores and impact many, many Americans.

Also, your stock market is tanking, and the part of your base that matters to you (the rich part) is gonna be PISSED (at least, until they die of coronavirus). The part of your base that isn’t rich (but thinks they will magically become so if they vote for you often enough) will probably believe you when you say God sent coronavirus because of the Gays and abortion and the Hoaxy Witch Hunt, but they’ll probably end up dead, too, so they won’t be around to support you, either.

The thing is, while you’ve been able to fool enough people into believing you’re a god-fearing Christian who truly cares about them and their problems (that part always makes me laugh, and then I feel sad), once people start dying because YOU were too busy Tweeting on the Toilet, while their stock portfolios and retirement funds dwindle to nothing and the people they love start dying, they may not be quite so loyal.

Because, as you’ve proven, to the chagrin of those who care about things like the rule of law and fundamental fairness and equality, you may be able to fuck with everything and everyone and get away with it (and you have), but you can’t fuck with science.

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