More Bad News for Catholics

I see a lot of “Christians” Biblesplaining on FB how we need to go easy on the Catholic church and its century-long history of making children available to pedophiles like an Old Country Buffet restaurant, because, God. Also, Jesus.

I’ve read people – good Catholics, mind you – blame the rampant pedophilia and victimization of children on the fact that lots of men who enter the priesthood are gay. You know. Because “gay” equals “pedophile.” Yeah, it’s the same thing. Except that millions of gay people who AREN’T priests manage to live their lives without anally violating little boys.

Other people of God suggest that it was a lack of understanding that raping children was…wrong. Can you cite for me a single era in history where forcing children to fellate grown men was an acceptable part of daily life?

The Catholic church has since its inception attempted to keep its people ignorant, obedient, docile, and silent. It told its people that its priests were Jesus on earth, placed them on a pedestal of unquestionable moral authority and sealed the deal by deeming the pope “infallible” – essentially God on earth.

That’s how it’s possible for a grown man to sodomize a young boy so badly that he suffered injury to his spinal column, with zero repercussions to the perpetrator.

All in the name of the Bible which the church has made every effort to insure its people don’t actually read.

But if they did, they might want to take a look at Matthew 18:6 for starters, then mosey on over to Luke 17:1-2, or maybe just take in the overarching import of the Gospels in which Jesus essentially says, “DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE AND TREAT PEOPLE AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.”

But if you like to be raped by men who think they are above the law, by all means, go for it.

It is abundantly evident to any sentient being that those who are twisting themselves into knots attempting to defend the Catholic church are frightened to their very marrow that their church cannot withstand any challenge to its moral authority and that any endeavor to investigate its conduct must be stopped in its tracks lest the church be shown to have engaged in an ongoing, knowing, decades long cover up of the most horrifying and in-Christian of conduct.

Pope Francis has made no comment. The church has been largely silent, although some bishop from Indiana did tell CNN this morning that he’s personally devastated to learn that people he trusted turned out to be such villains. I feel so bad for him. He also thinks it’s too early to really do anything because the church doesn’t really have all the information, even though it apparently knew of these crimes as they happened and actively worked to keep the truth from coming to light.

There are good Catholics who love God and live Christ’s teachings. There are others who love the church because they need someone else to do their thinking for them and are terrified that if they question the church’s teachings, they will be doomed to spend eternity in hell.

The problem is, most of the latter think they are the former.

No one should ever presume to know the contents of another’s heart, but in this case, the clergy of many Pennsylvania dioceses have, by their actions, told us all we need to know about the value they placed upon the lives of children. But, then again, the church has never cared about the lives of children AFTER they are born…only before, and only as a means of exerting control over women in order to keep them so busy raising children they don’t have time to think about the fact that the church considers them second-class citizens, and for the purpose of growing its ranks.

Catholics should be outraged and should demand accountability. Most probably won’t, though some may quietly leave. The church should be very worried, but in its arrogance it simply trots out the same nonsense.

No one is above the law. I’m guessing that Jesus doesn’t approve of child rape. Wake up, Catholic church. Wake up.

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