A Shakespearean Anniversary Sonnet  Written in a Hummer

In ’89 we married, in a storm.
‘Twas August 12, a score plus seven since.
The bride was dressed in white, as was the norm;
Her bridesmaids’ gowns, a peach to make one wince.

It was a truly magical event,
As was the honeymoon that happened next.
We ate and swam and sailed ’til we were spent
But the mayo – lettuce hotdog left me vexed.

The years since then have brought both joy and strife-
Four lovely girls for whom our hearts beat true;
Beloved pets, dear friends, our home, our life,
And happy memories, many; sad ones, few.

This man who fills my days with peace and laughter
My love, my Duck, my happy-ever-after.


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