What I Learned Today on Social Media


November 9, 2016


1. All Democrats are lazy, unemployed, and survive on public subsidies. That’s why they have all that time to protest.


2. Democrats love President Obama because the ACA provided them with free insurance that only Republicans had to pay for.


3. Black people should get over the whole slavery thing because it happened 150 years ago.


4. Anyone who is unhappy with the results of the election should leave the country, which would be better off without us lazy, entitled Democrats, anyway.


5. Cats sure are cute.


6. The real victims in our country are white men. It’s so unfair how they have to pay child support to their mean ex-wives.


7. Cheesy Corn Casserole…the perfect new addition to your Thanksgiving line-up!


8. Some people voted for Trump but didn’t actually want him to win.


9. Hillary Clinton runs a child sex ring with a bunch of Muslim guys. Probably why she lost.


10. You can never see too many pictures of a koala bear.


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