Top 10 Positives of a Donald J. Trump Presidency

December 31, 2016

10. Stock market bump lines pockets of top 1%…Trump Electorate, not so much.
9. No health insurance? No problem! Lots of hospitals have charitable forgiveness programs, and the ER is always open!
8. Four years for Trump Electorate to ponder and appreciate the immortal words of Lewis Carroll.
7. Pharmaceutical industry booms as same Electorate turns to prescription drugs in attempt to combat only consistent and predictable “policy” of DJT Administration….gaslighting.
6. Muslim Registry nothing like Nuremberg Laws of 1935…Nothing like them. Not even a little bit.
5. Deporting all those pesky illegals = jobs for Americans looking to break into the housekeeping and produce picking industries.
4. Finally, a conservative Supreme Court! Instead of the 4/4 split and Anthony Kennedy swing vote, now we’ll have a 4/4 split and Anthony Kennedy swing vote!
3. America is gonna be great again, once we get rid of everyone who isn’t a straight white male Christian or the women who exist solely to service them…you know, women devoid of any ambition or sense of self-determination…women who keep their mouths shut, even when someone is grabbing their p*ssies. That’s an America we can all be proud of!
2. It’s not like transparency in government, or in our Commander in Chief in particular, is important or anything.
1. 4 years x 365 days per year = 1,460 days in which 65,844,610 people work together to make sure that this despicable, deplorable, waxy-faced toilet plunger, this barely literate, moist-sweaty toddler-Man, this skid-mark on America’s tighty-whiteys, this bile-spewing bad joke on every living creature on the planet, gets the Mitch McConnell treatment so that on January 20, 2021, he can return to his Cap’n Crunch Penthouse to reflect on all the good he did for the Electorate he laughs at in private.

This is the man you elected, Trump Voters. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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